Other People’s Money from TheCameraForum on Vimeo.

One of my clients is the LA band “Cats With Class.”  I guess you could say I sort of live with this band, since my wife Suzanne is one of the band members.  Suzanne wrote and sings this original work “Other People’s Money” in a secret Burbank, CA location.  Well, not so secret anymore.  Cats have Donny Baker, Studio Manager at ES Audio Services, www.ESAudio.com to thank for helping out with the tracking on this debut album.  Suzanne is not performing for the camera, she is just naturally this way feeling the music as she lays down the vocal track. This band is headed for a Grammy Nomination.  Grammy Committee, are you listening to this yet?  Outrageous!

Cats With Class won the Spring 2014 Los Angeles Battle of the Bands competition, beating out five heavy metal and shredder bands.  It was amazing to me watching how well the entire audience connected with the Cats on stage.  https://vimeo.com/86800138  This is a fabulous band of extremely talented musicians from all walks of life as well as  wildly divergent cultural roots.  All fused together into a Jazz/Rock Swing – Something new!  Cats with Class features their unique original material that speaks of today’s situation, with a few smokin’ traditional cover tunes sprinkled in when and where they belong, all with the unique Cats style and arrangement.

The Cats band members musical credentials are impeccable each individually.  Collectively, their talents cover the broad range necessary today to make it to the top.  This band has both spunk and style, with a whole lot of class thrown in.  This is a band that has grown from quite humble roots two years ago as the “Craig’s List All Stars” into one of the hottest new talents already on many people’s radar.   Cats With Class speaks to all of us about our community, not about our separations.  Their powerful lyrics shout out about our common concerns, and bring light to our collective mistakes we need to pay particular attention to.

I wanted to do a teaser for the band’s upcoming album release they are presently in the studio finishing up.  I wanted a video that would feature the natural feeling that existed there in the recording sessions.  A huge part of Cats With Class is the enormous personal appeal and “freshness” this band brings being firmly rooted in the moment, focused on their performance.   Cats is a vegan/healthy living band, none of whom use drugs and very little alcohol.  So the true talents shine.

Same with the A7R.  The small size of the camera makes it disappear in the dim light of the recording studio, so I could capture the real moments unaltered by my or the camera’s presence.  A7R low light performance is excellent combined with the remarkable Zeiss 55mm f/1.8.  Together, they make for a formidable low light video tool.  As exciting as the prospect of the A7S is, I can’t say that I am in any way disappointed with my A7R low light work.


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