The easier we accept critique, the more constructive critique we get, the greater our opportunity for growth in our chosen craft.   This is true not only in photography, but in filmmaking, writing, painting, music, and every other art form.  Craft skills in the arts are learned, and then honed to perfection by the artist […]

As a Graphic Artist I frequently need to manipulate photographs.  To aid me in my creative endeavors I take photographs of textures and patterns.  Frequently people will ask me what I am taking photos of because I seem to be pointing my camera the wrong way.  Here’s some recent photos I took at a winery. […]

Since moving imaging has become so easy and inexpensive to produce and post, many photographers wonder if there is any room for still photography to exist and thrive as an art form.  Indeed, one of the purposes of this forum is to share ideas for creating art, and so we point you to the following […]