Pass That Bottle To Me from TheCameraForum on Vimeo. I know, at first it might seem a bit far fetched to do a head to head comparison between three such widely different cameras, the A7R vs 5D Mark III vs Zoom Q4, all at opposite ends of the price spectrum.  However, when it comes to music video […]

Zoom Q4 from TheCameraForum on Vimeo. Zoom calls their Q4 a Handy Video Recorder.  Sony refers to their HDR-MV1 as a portable Music Video Recorder.  But what is in a name?  In the end, what sold me was features.  The Zoom Q4 is packed with them, and while maybe not as specifically marketed at musicians […]

Introducing the new Zoom Q4 Music Video Recorder. I don’t know if it is the exuberance of it being New Year and the Chinese Year of the Horse or what, but for some reason this year is starting with a plethora of good sounding, purpose designed live recording devices for capturing live music.  The end […]