You or a Loved One TRAILER 1 from Rubric Pictures on Vimeo. As most of you know, I own and use a set of three Fiilex P-360 lights and one P100 light for my productions.  I had the set out with me yesterday at a shoot though we never got to using them.  At other times […]

Video: Australian photographer Karl Taylor presents Parabolic reflectors vs other professional light shaping tools. As with everything else in photography these days, studio lighting is changing rapidly.  So fast, I find it hard to keep up with the various types of lights, light modifiers, light sources, CRI Indexes, and the huge number of new vendors few […]

Pay Particular Attention II from TheCameraForum on Vimeo.This video is about Paying Particular Attention to what goes on behind the scenes, where the real dealing takes place.  [Pay Particular Attention Song and Video ©2013 Suzanne Birrell as performed by Cats With Class: Victor Arno on Drums; Suzanne Birrell on Bass & Vocals; Evan Hauser on […]

Back once again from Calgary Alberta, Chris Nichols joins with studio still portrait photographer Rob Caleffi to test the new Fiilex P360 and P200 lighting setup inside Rob’s working studio.  Rob normally shoots his still portraits using powerful professional grade flash, so it makes for a very interesting view hearing what he has to say about […]

One of the harshest mixed lighting environments to shoot in is the lighting department of a professional camera dealer.  It is always at least a couple of stops brighter than anyplace else I’ve ever shot indoors.  The ambient celling light is supplied by what you find in most retail locations; “daylight” temperature fluorescent  four or […]

About a year ago I started working again with video in a serious way.  With cameras and a fluid video head purchased, the next thing up was lighting.  In my particular case, I had shot a mix of strobe and fluorescent continual lighting for my still photography work.  The daylight temperature fluorescents work very well […]