Parts, Pieces, and Phrases – The 3P’s – From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.  The rest is this poor memory of history almost thirty years ago.  This is the power of creativity.  The power of art.  The power artists have when working together on a common goal. “We Are the World” is a song and charity single originally […]

Understand Music from finally. on Vimeo. Music is a good thing. Without it, few of our film projects would work.  Music is one of those absolutely foundational elements in good cinema.  Music can be, and often is, fitted neatly into the background of a film as a trigger to subliminal emotions in the viewer,most often […]

Once a generation maybe, pressures for change combine with forces for a better, fresher future, and a generational musical event like “The Fox” happens.  That vision satisfies better than an image of a stodgy, smoke filled back room of cigar aficionados deciding who the next music “superstars” are going to be.  Or the possibility that […]

(Video Recorded Entirely With Sony HDR-MV1 Music Video Recorder) Widgets       Sony tries to put old guys like me out of work with the all new Sony HDR-MV1 Music Video Recorder. It’s hard enough getting older and having to fight off the bold young newcomers to the photography profession, without also having to fight […]

“Babe’s Lair” – Walt & Vervain from Joseph on Vimeo. A few years back, music videos were one of the primary promotional media used to introduce emerging musical artists to the general public.  At that time, MTV was one of the primary distribution media.  MTV launched many new artists and extended the careers of many well established […]

You may love Led Zeppelin or you may hate them, but they were a major part of my younger years and my generation.  You may also ask what purpose posting a story like this has on TheCameraForum.Com.  I could do a quick duck and cover, come up with some clap-trap about the fantastic editing, choreography, […]

Since moving imaging has become so easy and inexpensive to produce and post, many photographers wonder if there is any room for still photography to exist and thrive as an art form.  Indeed, one of the purposes of this forum is to share ideas for creating art, and so we point you to the following […]