Dia de los Muertos from TheCameraForum on Vimeo. I’ve photographed Dia de los Muertos in Mexico for seven of the past eleven years.  It is one of those long term photography projects that just snuck up on me.  I didn’t even realize it was a long term project until I was, pardon the pun, dead […]

Once a generation maybe, pressures for change combine with forces for a better, fresher future, and a generational musical event like “The Fox” happens.  That vision satisfies better than an image of a stodgy, smoke filled back room of cigar aficionados deciding who the next music “superstars” are going to be.  Or the possibility that […]

  I photographed Day of the Dead, or “Dia de los Muertos” as it is more properly called, in Mexico seven of the last ten years.  It is always a challenging shoot, but such a magical experience it is a must attend event however difficult the photography.  This year I chose Day of the Dead […]

Filmmaker and documentarian Werner Herzog (Aguirre: The Wrath of God, Grizzly Man) has directed a short film on the dangers of texting and driving. From One Second to the Next looks at how four lives have been impacted by texting-related accidents.  A gripping subject, from an excellent and inspiring filmmaker.   Created for AT&T’s “It Can Wait” campaign, […]

My Keynote Address from Mike Brookes on Vimeo. Last month, Apple opened its Worldwide Developers Conference with an inspiring video outlining its core brand values. Here are Mike Brookes core values.  I think Mike speaks for all of us in the creative industry. His name is Mike Brookes; He is senior designer for Across the […]

Podunk Poets from TheCameraForum on Vimeo. August 8, 2013 – The Podunk Poets: Cindy Jollotta & Kelly Kidd – Vocals, Patrick Generosa – Drums, Suzanne Birrell – Bass, Jake Kelly – Guitar.   For several years now the demise of the still photograph has been foretold.  It is said that with video having progressed to […]

  St. Paul MN based Fly Boys Aerial Cinematography‘s drone fleet was grounded by the FAA last week for flying without a proper FAA permit.  Asked for comment, Fly Boys response was the FAA doesn’t anticipate issuing commercial permits for UAVs until 2015. What are we supposed to do?  This could be the first in […]

I’ve Got A Secret from TheCameraForum on Vimeo. I’ve got a secret, and it is called FotoMagico 4 from Boinx Software Ltd.  I’ll share my secret as the story continues below, but first some backstory about the footage and stills used in the making of “I’ve Got A Secret” is necessary for perspective.  The ugly truth […]

THIS IS WATER – By David Foster Wallace from The Glossary on Vimeo. In 2005, author David Foster Wallace was asked to give the commencement address to the 2005 graduating class of Kenyon College. However, the resulting speech didn’t become widely known until 3 years later, after his tragic death. It is, without a doubt, […]

West of the Moon from Brent Bonacorso on Vimeo. Written, Directed, & Animated by Brent Bonacorso www.brentbonacorso.com Loosely based on several hundred interviews with children about their dreams, ‘West of the Moon’ is the story of one man’s lost love and his strange path to redemption, aided along the way by a gambling robot, a […]

It must be Eran Amir appreciation day here at TheCameraForum.Com.  Here is Amir back once again with another fantastic time lapse movie idea, this time more than 300 random people on the streets of Israel, each repeating one single note, creating together one harmonious melody.Amir is quick to point out also that no Auto-tune was used in […]

  In the spirit of our continuing coverage of interesting time lapse photography projects, here is one with a very different and quite creative twist. Eran Amir, the project creator, originally uploaded “500 People In 100 Seconds” to YouTube on Aug 23, 2011.  Including my own, to date the project has had 1,667,851 views.   Eran […]

Henrick Interview from The Luminous Landscape on Vimeo. Michael Reichmann of The Luminous Landscape recently interviewed Henrik Håkonsson, CEO of Phase One, about the state of the marketplace and the future of Medium Format in general.  The PhaseOne Companies are comprised of PhaseOne, CaptureOne Software, Leaf, and Mamiya of Japan.  PhaseOne specializes in building ultra high […]

Tiburon Martillo / Hammerhead Shark from Studio Up! on Vimeo. The hammerhead shark is the most emblematic animal of the Galapagos Marine Reserve, which is one of the last places in the world where you can still see large schools of these strange animals. The songs’s author is a Galapagos Dive guide who has had […]

Dramatic Aurora Borealis. Iceland – Time-Lapse of a Winter Fairytale from Anna Possberg on Vimeo.   Claus and Anna Possberg, a German photo and film team have travelled extensively to haunt the special places of the world. Together, husband and wife, they have travelled to every single continent. 

On their motorbike they have traversed China’s […]

Death Do Us Part from Ian Ruhter : Alchemist on Vimeo. “There is a point in every person’s life when they must choose to follow their dreams or be stuck in the life they fear” boldly proclaims Ian Ruhter – Alchemist. And truly an alchemist he is.  Not satisfied with being just a stereotype alchemist […]