Back once again from Calgary Alberta, Chris Nichols joins with studio still portrait photographer Rob Caleffi to test the new Fiilex P360 and P200 lighting setup inside Rob’s working studio.  Rob normally shoots his still portraits using powerful professional grade flash, so it makes for a very interesting view hearing what he has to say about the Fiilex LED’s.  LEDs are quickly becoming an enormously popular way to light both still photographs and videos to create hybrid stories, but there are very few affordable, modifiable lights that do not suffer from some color shifting that limits their usefulness. I’m finding with my own set the Fiilex P360 is an extremely versatile light, compatible with many light modifiers I already had in my studio from my days using Profoto strobes.  Stay tuned for more on these innovative and very useful LEDs.


Dresses by Laura George

Bird Cage Veil by Tracy Ward Kerr

Hair and Makeup by Jyoti Purba

Jewellery by Christina Petropoulos

Modelling by Christina Petropoulos

To Purchase Fiilex lights in Canada from The Camera Store:

Shot and Edited by Jordan Drake.  Filmed on the Sony FS700.

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