I photographed Day of the Dead, or “Dia de los Muertos” as it is more properly called, in Mexico seven of the last ten years.  It is always a challenging shoot, but such a magical experience it is a must attend event however difficult the photography.  This year I chose Day of the Dead from a different perspective.: A Hollywood Forever Day of the Dead celebration.  I traded the tradition in old Mexico of remembering loved ones no longer among the living by celebrating their life for the glitz, glamour, and makeup  of Hollywood.  Both are fiesta style community events, however the Hollywood version is much more about the entertainment.  And some pretty good entertainment it was too!  When it comes to acting, costume, and makeup, I can’t  think of a better town to see those talents exhibited.



The Soundtrack I am using for the Hollywood Forever Day of the Dead 2013 Slideshow is native Chichimeca tribal dancers recorded in Central Mexico dancing to a song titled, what else, “Day of the Dead.” Still photography, edit, & production by Chuck Jones. Canon 5D Mark III, ISO 3200. Lens choice was my old Canon 55mm f/1.2 FD I have converted to EOS mount.  And what a dandy lens it is too. For something like the Hollywood Forever Day of the Dead event, it was my first choice.

The  Hollywood Forever Day of the Dead was my first “available darkness” shoot with the 55 f/1.2 on the 5D Mark III.  I am not disappointed, and in fact I am delighted with how well the combination works for me.  A full frame sensor with an ultra fast lens makes for an interesting stylistic combination I most heartily recommend and enjoy using.

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  1. Chuck…LOVE these…amazing colors and faces…what a portfolio you created from this event.

  2. Great shots, i can even feel that experience

  3. I always admire photography taken without flash. it has depth, where flash blows out the details.

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