December 26, 2012

Micro Expressions

Micro Expressions: exploring motion image photography from untitled film works on Vimeo.


 Follow Abraham Joffe, CANON’s new EOS-1DC and the professional image makers who gave of their time to be interviewed who included: Dean Bentick (inlighten photography) Brett Purmel, David Stowe (Society photography), Ryan Schembri (Xsight) Sue Bryce, Phillip Bloom, Wissam Abdallah, Graham Monro (gm photographics) Michael Martin (MM Photos) in this interesting topic of exploring “motion image photography” as Joffe calls it.  One school of thought puts forward the idea that one day all still photography will be done in this manner.  Another, the idea that the two are so different in nature, there will never be an acceptable solution.  We feel the truth may perhaps lie somewhere between those two extremes.  While I can see the value for sports where the fast action mostly dictates your shot, subjects such as portraiture that are more dependent upon the eyes and creative vision of the photographer will not have that same value.  Or will they?  It’s spray and pray vs. set and select at the debate’s finest.

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