Dog Schidt Optiks ‘Flare Factory 58g’ (Green Tint) Taking Lens + Iscorama 36 from Melting Bloke (Richard Gale) on Vimeo. From the “Just When You Think You’ve Seen It All” department comes a UK company with the unusual name Dog Schidt Optiks.  This innovative company brings to market an equally unusual new product line.  The Dog […]

Based in Los Angeles, Larry Jordan is an internationally renowned consultant with national broadcast experience as a television producer, director, and editor. He has published eight books on editing and is the winner of multiple awards for his broadcast work, as well as his online training. Learn more about Larry Jordan  This video is a speech that was […]

UP NORTH from Joël Wagner on Vimeo. From Essen, Germany Joël Wagner (Profile in German HERE) and his brother spent 16 days for their dream adventure trip of a life time, a  750km journey from Whitehorse to Dawson City, Yukon, the month of September, 2012. Their choice of equipment for this adventure: Olympus OM-D EM-5, Leica […]

CraigsList All Stars from TheCameraForum on Vimeo.   The House of Blues in Los Angeles opened in 1994 and is located in the heart of West Hollywood. Home to unique pieces of art and architecture such as work by Alan Sainte,  James Boudrot and their “Jake and Elwood Blues Brothers” movable bars; the Los Angeles […]

Bhutan Panasonic GH3 October 2012 from Ira Block on Vimeo. My friend Ira Block is an internationally renowned photojournalist, teacher and workshop leader who has to date produced more than 30 major stories for the National Geographic magazine and its affiliates, N.G. Traveler and Adventure. Ira tells the backstory of this video in his seminars that he […]

  I always enjoy watching the reviews TheCameraStore produces.  I wish I could do reviews this well myself.  They cleverly sum up my own first impressions of my GH3.  I too admit to being a bit disappointed in the GH3 in the high ISO stills department, but at least some of this is my unfamiliarity with the […]

Shootout of the Mini Shotguns! from Chad Johnson on Vimeo. Each new camera release seems to bring an ever growing list of new features.   Some of these are well worth having while to my mind some of them are little more than fluff.  One of the major features on my new Panasonic Lumix GH3 […]

Looking For Lenses from TheCameraForum on Vimeo.   There is something to be said for the hand feel of a good pro grade DSLR.  Strong.  Heavy.  Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound and still pull off ten frames a second without breaking a sweat.  Confidence is built into this equipment, the confidence […]

It isn’t every day that something new comes along in the way of a photography “gadget” that is much more than a novelty; a cute toy we all buy from time to time, normally on impulse .  I know I have a drawer full of them, and I bet you do too.  Once in a […]

  Amore Mio is Italian for “My Love.” Judging by this excellent wedding production done by Austin, Texas, wedding filmmaker Joe Simon, that love certainly shines too.  Joe shot Amore Mio using a prototype software version of the new Panasonic GH3.  Joe’s thoughts?  Well, the quality of the production above speaks for itself.  In the Behind […]

Long ago and far away in my distant past – about 25 years to be exact – I had the crazy idea of learning to fly an R/C Helicopter.  I wasn’t all that interested in the R/C bits of it, my vision was to mount a camera to it and shoot aerial photography.  To carry the […]

My friend Ira Block decided to take his recent images shot with the new Panasonic Lumix GH3 down to his professional printing lab, Gotham Printing in New York City, to test out how these GH3 stills would look printed up large.  The results certainly amazed me! PLEASE RATE THIS STORY!  

Several of my professional photography friends and I have recently begun discussing our business futures.  As many of you know, the photography game as a business has changed pretty dramatically in the last three years.  Not only have the paying client jobs been fewer in number, but the client demands have increased.  Where once most […]