LET US ROAM – Ray Barbee from Let Us Roam on Vimeo. Ray Barbee is a legendary professional skateboarder from San Jose, California, who now resides with his wife and two children in Long Beach, California.   He made his first appearance in the skate film “Public Domain.”  First available in 1988, Public Domain rocked […]

I had never been to WPPI, the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International show in Las Vegas,  so when Paul Gero told me he was going I made an on the spot decision to join him.  The Sunday afternoon drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas takes a bit over four hours at a legal and […]

There are some problems reported using a Sony A7R with a Leica 28mm f/2 Summicron ASPH.  Smudged “blurry sides and edges” and serious “color smearing”  repeated in discussion forums and on the major social networks.  Some go so far as to report the 28mm ‘Cron unusable on the A7R, the problems being so serious.  Where […]

In addition to improvements in just about every area, Fujifilm has also brought some interesting new features to the X-E2.  What’s the coolest?  To me, one has to be the new Digital Split Image™ for interchangeable lens cameras. Split image focusing was originally used in manual focus SLR film cameras and the Leica Rangefinders of […]

Leica M Monochrome It’s been a long time since I shot in Black and White.  In my earlier years, I started with Pan-X, Plus-X, and Tri-X.  Tri-X being the least expensive predominated my earliest work.  I guess it was sometime in the mid to late 1980’s I exposed my last roll, save for the odd […]

Bastille Day from TheCameraForum on Vimeo. A day with my Fuji X-E1. My lovely wife and life partner, Suzanne, and I were married on July 14th, Bastille Day.  We didn’t plan it this way, it was pure coincidence but a very pleasant one.  Where ever we happen to be on July 14, we just seek […]

Platinum Palladium Printing with Leica M Monochrom from Luís Oliveira Santos on Vimeo. Footage, edition and film direction by LUÍS OLIVEIRA SANTOS   Manuel Gomes Teixeira, photographer and Platinum Palladium printer, usually uses traditional methods with photographic film in medium and large format cameras.  Invited by the exclusive distributor of Leica cameras in Portugal, he […]

Picking up cues from Apple Computer’s retail theme, Leica brings it’s Brand to retailing with this first grand experiment. From the outside, the new Leica Los Angeles store looks much like one of the many other upscale boutique  stores that surround it.  Do not let that first impression fool you.  It’s not.  Once past the 700 lb. […]

Last June, FujiFilm issued their lens development “roadmap” (see chart below) for the two XF mount cameras at the time, the XPro-1 and X-E1.  I purchased my  X-E1 with the highly regarded and most excellent 35mm f/1.4, deciding to place my bet on Fuji evolving this camera system.  There was no optimized RAW processing support for the […]