The Sony A7S price is $2,495 and will ship beginning the first week in July, so you could say this new low light “Cat” that can focus in the dark is almost out of the bag.  You read that correctly, the Sony guy or gal in charge of setting prices, in their infinite wisdom, has decided to price […]

Video: Australian photographer Karl Taylor presents Parabolic reflectors vs other professional light shaping tools. As with everything else in photography these days, studio lighting is changing rapidly.  So fast, I find it hard to keep up with the various types of lights, light modifiers, light sources, CRI Indexes, and the huge number of new vendors few […]

  Exciting times! Apple have announced the following prices:   Not cheap, but no information on what the upgrades will cost until the store opens up for custom configurations.  However according to the estimated guess of Lewis Hilsenteger, of Unboxed Therapy,  the maxed out Mac Pro could cost as much as $25,000!  Here is how Lewis calculates […]