Can you just imagine what the audiences reactions would have been down through history if 35mm cameras had been invented 2000 years ago?  What historical images do you think you  would prefer to see today, crowd sourced digital or the work of a photojournalist with time at the job and training in the crafts? In the new age […]

EDITORS REPLY: It seems that I have inadvertently offended somebody I had no intention to offend.   I apologize and beg forgiveness.  Since my inadvertent error has lead to most of you now reading this, I will place my open response to him here as well as in a more personal communication to Mr. Thein […]

Dig – Sony F55. Looking for a hearty new camera rig to add some spice to your next indie film?  Not satisfied  the new Panasonic GH3 will be sufficient upgrade as a video answer for your client’s needs?  Are you one of those people who won’t settle for anything less than the very best available in […]