TheCameraForum is a place in cyberspace where we can all be bozos on the Photographic learning bus.  I intend to evolve as a league of extraordinary ladies and gentlemen and a future repository for you who read our articles and participate together with us in creating them. 

Still, photography isn’t easy.  Video filming isn’t easy.  Learning hybrid storytelling takes a willingness to learn both, and to learn, you must plan to make many mistakes along the way.  Photography is hard enough to learn without distractions from well-meaning speculators or, worse, deliberate sleight-of-hand for hidden marketing purposes.   Online “journalism” and forums, as well as the professions of Photography and Videography, are all high-dollar, highly competitive businesses.  We all need to be aware that those providing information who are not independent journalists and who have a vested financial interest in bending your opinion to that which they are paid to represent. That is the capitalist way. While perfectly legal, in this writer’s opinion, morally questionable.  It’s the form of the disclosure that sometimes troubles me. With the demise of many of the photography magazines and the rapid rise of “blogs” and “forums” that have, for the most part, taken their place, journalistic standards and ethics have both taken one on the chin.

Here at The Camera Forum, we highlight and feature articles that are timely and relevant for you. We gather and analyze information directly from those most familiar with it, the photographers in the field using it in their daily business, and with the designers and manufacturers who make the gear possible.  If you like what we are doing, please tell your friends.  If you don’t, please tell us.  We’re always open to critique and love to hear suggestions and ideas from our readers.  The editors can always be reached through the Contact button on the main menu above.  The content on TheCameraForum.Com® is work from artists in photography, video, and cinema, or features products and techniques that artists use to create their art.

We welcome and thank you for your support as we try to grow TheCameraForum.Com® as a primary information repository community for the Art, Science, & Technology of creating today’s Hybrid Storytelling.  Mirrorless Madness, YES!  I like to think of TheCameraForum.Com® as a continuing, never-ending community workshop.  Please join us in supporting the work of our contributors.  We also invite you to contribute your knowledge and views as well.  So here’s to our mutual continued efforts learning the highways and the byways of Hybrid Storytelling and Mirrorless Madness.


TheCameraForum.Com is always in what may seem like a continuing state of Public Beta.  This means things frequently change as features are added and bugs squashed.  Please excuse any unusual or tragic behavior in your particular browser.  We would appreciate hearing anything you have to say, the good, the bad, the ugly, and especially the beautiful.  The world needs to see more of the beautiful.  

Welcome aboard, and have a GREAT day!

Chuck Jones

Managing Editor


June 2015