As a Graphic Artist I frequently need to manipulate photographs.  To aid me in my creative endeavors I take photographs of textures and patterns.  Frequently people will ask me what I am taking photos of because I seem to be pointing my camera the wrong way.  Here’s some recent photos I took at a winery. […]

Mastering The Illusion of Perfection with Photo Retoucher Amy Dresser from on Vimeo. Master photo retoucher Amy Dresser started out working for two years with famed photographer Jill Greenberg.  Today however,  Amy works for a wide variety of “A-List” clients including Playboy, Barbie, Britney Spears, Weird Al, Pepsi, Target, and a whole list of […]

USING PHOTOSHOP TO DESIGN A PHOTO LAYOUT Jim Quinn used Photoshop to create the complicated layout of his documentary photo exhibit, “Good Friday in Colonia San Luis Rey,” which was shown in the winter of 2012 in the Instituto Allende’s Galeria Pergola in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.    If you have a series of photos or […]

By Jim Quinn With some photo subjects, extending the frame to the left or right, or even up or down, can work far better than the usual 3×2 format that photographers have been dealing with since the earliest Leicas. And with the Sweep Panorama feature in Sony cameras, and similar features offered by some competitors, […]

It’s Monday after the long Thanksgiving Weekend here in the USA so something fun is called for as we all head back to the grindstone.  Here’s a tutorial from the Webby Award nominated site Glove And Boots that’s just the ticket.     Many thanks to our friends at for bringing this to our attention! PLEASE RATE […]