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ReVoice Pro – Voodoo Magic For Your Audio Tracks

ReVoice Pro – Voodoo Magic For Your Audio Tracks

Dubbing, or re-recording, is a post-production process used in filmmaking and video production, in which additional or supplementary recording occurs after the original recording stage. The process includes automated dialogue replacement (ADR), also known as “additional dialogue recording,” in which the original actors re-record and synchronize audio segments in a studio long after the film is shot. Music is frequently subject to the dubbing process in the post-editing stage of a film or TV show.  ReVoice Pro, from Syncro Arts is one of the tools available to make this job much easier, and far faster.


The devil is always in the details making movies.  Out in the field “flying solo” or filming with a large crew, there are mistakes that happen that can inadvertently damage an audio track.  The best way to avoid most of these is to hire a sound man as part of the crew, so there is always someone along to pay attention to the critical audio details.  But not every job has a budget for extra crew, and no mater how good your crew is sometimes these mistakes need to be fixed in post.  Or you may run into a situation where the visual is perfect, but the actors voice inflection is wrong for the scene.  Often it seems these errors don’t show up until you sit down to do the edit.  If you had caught them in the field, you could have possibly fixed them with another take.


In days of old, Producers would be forced to recall the cast and crew for a pick-up.  In filmmaking, a pick-up is a small, relatively minor shot filmed or recorded after the fact to augment footage already shot. When entire scenes are redone, it is referred to as a re-shoot.  When it comes to audio though, often problems such as these are fixed with a voiceover.  Recalling an actor for another audio take only is far faster and less costly than reshooting an entire segment on location.  The huge value in a tool like ReVoice Pro is its ability to often allow corrections with nothing more than a simply recorded guide track.  It all seems like Voodoo Magic to me, but it works.  The actor may not have used that inflection, but it sure sounds like they did once the ReVoice Pro elves hidden in the plugin get done working their crafts.


The bottom line is Synchro Arts Revoice Pro can save you hours of grunt work.  Ever have to manually align stacks of BG vocals?  It is a nightmare.  Are you in post production, with tricky ADR to line up?  Revoice Pro automatically gives you tight, adjustable tracking from multiple takes.  In post, modify the pitch and/or inflection of one actor’s takes to match another take – or even substitute in a different actor! Revoice Pro also creates beautiful doubling tracks with impressive speed, accuracy, and sonic quality, while giving you control over time and pitch corrections AT THE SAME TIME!  It can also automatically align and tune existing double tracks and ADR.  Synchro Arts Revoice Pro looks to be a great tool for the “busy one man band” who’s clients demand nothing but the very best production values possible from a limited budget.  Let me know what you think about us doing a full review of the latest ReVoice Pro 2.2 just released.  It is on the short list for review consideration.

ReVoice Pro MSRP:

North America: US $599

Europe: €449 (ex VAT)

For the UK and the rest of the world: £374 (ex VAT)


From the SYNCHRO ARTS – PRESS RELEASE Revoice Pro 2.2

Revoice Pro – A Closer Look

Revoice Pro is a purpose-built stand-alone program which includes two unique automated processes: Audio Performance Transfer (APT) process and a Realistic Doubler. It also allows exceptional quality manual pitch and time manipulation.

The APT function automatically transfers selected timing, pitch, vibrato, inflection and/or loudness characteristics of a good “Guide” audio signal to one or more target audio signals (“Dub”).
The APT process is powered by and includes an advanced version of VocALign.

The Realistic Doubler function instantly creates natural-sounding mono or stereo double tracks from one input signal. It can also provide creative time and pitch modulation effects.

Additionally, ReVoice Pro provides user control of the tightness of the time, pitch and loudness corrections, so editors can get the exact result they want – whether getting the tightest ADR or vocal replacement – or thicker but clearer and punchier vocals.

The Revoice Pro program integrates in several ways with Mac and Windows-based digital audio workstations. Included with the program are AAX, Audio Suite, VST3 and AU Link plug-ins for one method of transferring audio to Revoice Pro from DAWs. Plus there are additional plug-ins for efficient monitoring options and synchronised playback with your DAW.

Main Features

  • APT and Doubler functions. Two unique, adjustable, automatic processes.

  • Manual pitch, time and waveform editing options.

  • Process-based audition: Instant before and after processing comparison of

    one or two signals.

  • Protected Regions: To avoid creating artefacts by not processing the time,

    pitch or both in small, user-defined areas of signals where Guide and Dub


  • Stand-alone program: Works with DAWs on Mac and Windows including Pro

    Tools, Cubase, Nuendo, Logic, Live etc.

  • Multiple methods for efficient audio transfers: Includes drag and drop,

    plug-ins, and export tool, all able to place output at correct time in DAW.

  • Monitoring plug-ins: Play through DAW hardware (including Pro Tools HD);

    and playback in sync with DAW and Video playback.

  • Multiple view windows, multiple open sessions.

  • High-quality scrubbing (multi-track).

Revoice Pro – User Reactions

Jeff Bloom, Synchro Arts’ Managing Director, commented “The most rewarding aspect of this long and intense development has been users’ overwhelmingly positive responses, which highlight the benefits of Revoice Pro from their professional perspectives. Here are some examples:

“Overall this is a game changer that will save me hours of work I used to do in Melodyne timing each note by hand.”

“It is such an extraordinary time-saver that I can’t even begin to calculate the number of hours it’s saved me. I’m currently working on projects, with high vocal track counts […and …] I’ve been able to craft dense backgrounds and SOLID leads in no time at all. The extra time has been used to create wholly new remixes to warm reception.”

“I regularly deal with stacks of vocal tracks that need to be tuned and timed to match a guide vocal. Thanks for saving me from hours of tedious work!”

“The automatic doubling process is saving me half a day per song!!”

“Doubling is the secret weapon for the modern pop and hip hop vocal sound, and Revoice Pro crushes in that area.”

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