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SteadXP: Game Changing Video Stabilization?

SteadXP: Game Changing Video Stabilization?

From the video image stabilization without a gimbal department, we bring you young French filmmaker Emmanuel Pampuri CEO & founder @ Les Machineurs & TRACTOfilm in France, who has just this week announced a whole new type of imaging stabilization system that looks to hold some great promise.

On this second video you’ll see longer videos produced with SteadXP technology. In extreme downhill moutain biking, stabilizing videos shot from a cameraman’s chest is a real challenge. The amplitude of vibration is so severe,even an ultra wide angle lens captured camera source frame is not enough to produce a nice stabilized result. To prevent black borders from appearing due to the crop, the SteadXP software can compute additionnal pixels from the previous and future frames of the original footage, and replace/reconstruct those potentially black areas!  Wow, this is HUGE!
Of course, as with all new revolutionary things, in this particular extreme case you will sometimes detect artefacts, but mainly on foreground subjects with significant movements relative to the camera position.

A sample shot simply turning around the actor with no particular care about framing.  GH4 + Samyang 7.5mm fisheye f3.5 + High end footwear.  Of course, as with every startup, these folks need us to spread the word widely. It will help SteadXP to speed things up, so we can all get to the crowdfunding.  The SteadXP folks ask if you can please share and tweet/retweet this information!
Above Video Featuring Nicolas Guméry (

This could well prove to be the best video image stabilization system invented to date

This could well prove to be the best video image stabilization system invented to date

If you ever tried to shoot videos with a handheld digital camera while running, riding a bike, or skiing, then you know the results can be conservatively described as pretty ugly.  Even the best of the current image stabilization software depends on the image not having serious spikes or extended motion rapid swings.  So sadly, not all present software solutions work in every case, and in practice with After Effects and Final Cut Pro at least, it works so-so at best.  To combat this sorry state of affairs, we introduce SteadXP, an innovative stabilization device and software package that promises to let you shoot all kinds of action shots with smooth and cristal clear results.

Bottom line, their little box brings professional-grade 3 axis stabilization to everyone. Reported to be compatible with nearly all digital video cameras, it is dead easy to use, extremely light, has no moving parts and gets out of your way so you just point and shoot. All the necessary corrections will be done automatically by SteadXP post-processing software, to match the exact type of result you expect.  The company claims shooting high quality video and hyperlapse has never been easier. With SteadXP you can do almost any of the crazy camera moves you always wanted to do, it will correct your footage and smooth-out any stabilization issues.

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