Few things I have seen at this year’s NAB 2014 show impressed me as much as the Jigabot AIMe.  What an incredible idea!  Simply put, the concept is you attach an electronic “sensor” to your body or the subject you wish to track, mount your camera onto AIMe, and Tada!  AIMe tracks your every movement.  Wow. […]

It isn’t every day that something new comes along in the way of a photography “gadget” that is much more than a novelty; a cute toy we all buy from time to time, normally on impulse .  I know I have a drawer full of them, and I bet you do too.  Once in a […]

Did you ever wonder how food commercials capture that perfect shot of beer cascading into a glass, or perfectly moistened vegetables falling elegantly onto a plate?  Let’s go behind the scenes for a  visit to the German studio The Marmalade, where they specialize in slow motion capturing with a high speed motion control system, their […]