German Places: Ruegen 2014 from Bettina + Uwe Steinmueller on Vimeo.

We hoped the Sony RX10 will help with our production of mini documentaries. The idea is the show places from our personal subjective view in short video clips and still images. It is easy to see that we are stills photographers even if we take videos. Still a lot of fun.

A visit on Ruegen in 2014

Camera: Sony RX10

Our RX10 notes:

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  1. >I liked this a lot, though I thought it a bit long.

    It is a big island :-). Wanted it at least that long, but that may require a narrative.

    >Where are all the people?

    Not really our thing.

  2. I liked this a lot, though I thought it a bit long. Where are all the people? The yellow fields are spectacular, and the boats, and the cliffs. Very nice. Thank-you

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Sadly, Uwe Steinmueller has passed from this life. His own website, outback photo is no longer online. But as long as TheCameraForum.Com lives on, so does the memory of my good friend Uwe Steinmueller. Rest easy, and know you are missed my friend.