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A Friend For Life?

A Friend For Life?

Buddy for Life from Daomay on Vimeo.

“Sometime we forget that after school it is ok to take the kids out to the beach with his or her friend for an hour or two instead of sitting in front of the TV or play with the ipad. So in two hour I was able to capture the joy and smile on their face… somehow nature smile back at the kids. All I did was took my fs700 and an old $250 old Sigma 50mm f1.5. We all had fun….I came home had dinner and edit this short little film for 3 hours. While the both of them were playing I could hear them sing a french song….I decided to stick my camera close to them and record it for 2 minutes hehe. There is beauty all around us….capture and share if you can…not the other way round where it pointing at yourself from difference angle ( Selfie ) *Facepalm*” – Daomay

How do you make a friend for life? When I was young, television was in black and white, while the real world was in color. My younger sister and I played outside, always.  Inside we weren’t allowed to make a mess, as it would be up to my mother to clean it up. Outside, the back yard was our domain. We invited our friends always. and were constantly back and forth to and from the neighbor’s houses. The neighborhood was our play community, not the Facebook’s sad imitation most kids have today.

I don’t know that laying “blame” for this is really the right choice of word. The truth is probably closer to something akin to an unfortunate side effect. When extreme creative kicked into gear behind something as compelling as color television, the end results could probably have been easily forecasted. In fact, they were. Drawing a children’s audience is always an advertisers fondest dream. Sadly, children drawn into the artificial worlds created by television can’t be outside interacting with other kids in the neighborhood at the same time. Computers, and television, are both solo activities done in isolation.

When you get outside, interact and give with others in your community, you become a part of your neighborhood and a person with meaning and purpose in your life. When you spend all of your time with a computer, you become as lonely as your solo selfie. We need to teach the world how important it is for children to interact with other children at play. As a culture, understanding each other is the most important thing we all do together. Without the intimacy of direct contact, how can we expect our children to grow up with a working communication system?

How do you make a friend for life? You make a friend for life by being one yourself, in person.



Chuck Jones

Digital Media Producer, Photographer, Video Storyteller, Cinemagraph Master. Only Semi-Reformed Hippy. Managing Editor of http://TheCameraForum.Com

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