December 15, 2014

Why You Need iPHOCUS.

If you are like millions of other photographers, the personal work usually ends up getting shot on the one camera you always have with you – your phone.  If that phone happens to be an Apple iPhone capable of running IOS-8+ Santa Clause may have just come early for you this year.

So what does iPhocus do for you?

featuredTraditional camcorders and heavy Pro DSLR’s are typically carried when you have serious client work to do, but today it is very common to use the cameras in your phones for doing your home videos, full movies on a tight budget or a little more extensive production ads. IPhocus helps you with these tasks, giving you full manual control over the camcorder of your iPhone.


For the first time using an iPhone,  you can choose a specific range of focus so your finger will go from the main subject up to the background without worry about ‘over pulling.’ Accurate, complete manual control over rack focus.


Because the aperture gets fixed you will now control independently the ISO, Exposure compensation (EV), or the FPS, shoot up to 240fps in a iPhone 6 while controlling all the rest of the light parameters.

Making of “Cameras” with iPhocus App


Finally, you have the ability to control via Wi-Fi what happens in your other device with iPhocus installed. Like the Hollywood Professionals, you too can do the functions of the camera assistant. One gets the picture in frame, the other controls focus or exposure on a separate iPhone or iPad!

One note for iPhone 4s users like myself.  You will not see the red record button on your screen, it is cut off.  You use the volume + key instead to toggle recording on and off.  A small price to pay to be able to use these powerful new features at all on my older iPhone 4s.

iPhocus is available for only US $1.99 at the Apple iTunes App Store   Not a bad price at all for the Holy Grail, is it?  Highly recommended and now my goto iPhone video app.


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