Life in Western Mongolia is an adventure. Training eagles to hunt, herding yaks, and racing camels are just a few of the daily activities of the nomadic Kazakh people. Global nomad filmmaker, Director, DP, and editor Brandon Li spent a few weeks living with the nomadic Kazakh people.  To really understand a culture and people well enough to tell their story requires earning their trust.  Speaking from experience, that takes time, and a conscious investment of yourself in learning how to traverse the local culture.
Obviously, Brandon did a real good job in Mongolia.  The people seem to be genial, co-operative, and friendly towards him.  And the results speak for themselves.  A fine effort living  and experiencing one of the most unique cultures in the world. Saddle up, join up, and enjoy the ride.

Original score by Max LL
A few words about Brandon Li.  Brandon sold his stuff a few years ago and started traveling the world with a camera and a laptop. His life goal is to film as much beauty as he can.  And he certainly has a very good start on it, judging from the following short films he has shot!  Check out some of Brandon’s other work.  Not bad for a homeless videographer, eh?
North India:
South India:
Las Vegas:

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