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Redrock Micro Reinvents Focus Pulling With Hālo

Redrock Micro Reinvents Focus Pulling With Hālo

NAB 2015, Las Vegas, NV.  Focus Has Now EVOLVED, and it is our old friends at Red Rock Micro that have evolved it with their announcement and demonstration here of their new Hālo focusing system.  Pretty darn amazing, if you ask me.  It is hard to believe but this small bit of technology can do wonders for improving your focus control.  Automating the focus pull?  No problem.  Camera external focus tracking?  Of course.  Want to do complex focus pulls and returns.  Not a problem.  In fact, just about every complex move you can think up in the focus world, this new Hālo focusing system should be well up to the challenge.

Get Ready To Have Your Focus World Rocked... Meet the Hālo Explorer

Ready To Have Your Focus World Rocked? Meet the Hālo Explorer

“Incorporating cutting-edge technology (the same technology that powers autonomous cars and delivers precision aerospace measurements), the Hālo Explorer gives you a real-time map of your entire scene, combining pinpoint accuracy with up to 180 degrees of view. Artificial intelligence precisely identifies all your subjects (people and objects) and tracks their distance and location in real-time. The modern user experience delivers full scene information, and you can tap-to-focus with visual, audible, and haptic feedback. Hālo becomes your technician, handling the practical details so you can concentrate on your creative performance.”

Hālo is completely NEW technology with a new approach to solving dynamic focus control. Hālo will scan your scene, identify subjects, and track them in real time. With a stunning and intuitive user interface, you can use Hālo information to assist your manual focusing, have Hālo adjust the focus at your command, or have Hālo handle all the focusing for you. Unlike anything else, Hālo enables you to seamlessly add any amount of assistance at any time. You are in control to decide how Hālo works for you, even within a single shot.

What more could a lone camera operator ask for?  Maybe the lower end of the targeted $2,000 to $5,000 range, when ultimately released possibly as soon as last quarter 2015.  More on this later as the date gets closer.

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