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Photographers Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Photographers Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

In the North of England, within the South Lakeland District of Cumbria, lies the rural costal market town and civil parish of Kendal. In antiquity known as Kirkby in Kendal or Kirkby Kendal. As small and remote as it is, it is from this rural Kendal setting that Jamie Spencer makes some of the best keyboard shortcuts cheat sheets I have ever seen.

I’m sure you’ve noticed how some people just have an art for creating beautiful things nobody else seems to be able to do?  That’s Jamie.  For cheat sheets (aka technical infographics) his are the BEST!  He’s also not a half bad web designer, but I’ll let you discover those qualities about Jamie for yourself.  Anyway, this year as a New Years gift to all of his many readers who have requested it, Jamie created an up to date all in one Adobe keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet specifically for Photographers!  Below you will find the ultimate keyboard shortcuts cheat sheets for Photoshop and Lightroom.  Download them for yourself, and see if you don’t agree.

If you use either Lightroom or Photoshop, I don’t have to tell you how complicated these two programs are to learn.  Along with the tremendous power that comes with each of these tools also comes a considerably steep learning curve.  Neither of these application programs are easy to learn, so it will take awhile before anyone will fully master them.  One of the biggest reasons are there are literally hundreds of program functions and features that will execute your every command while working magic on your images in post production.  But given there are so many controls and commands, it is far easier to learn each of these important photography tools with the full graphical mouse oriented menu’s turned on, and leaving the keyboard shortcuts for a later time. A time in the future when you’re already familiar with the interface and features available.

Though keyboard shortcuts are not for the beginner just starting out, keyboard shortcuts certainly are for the advanced user.  For the Professional Photographer, to save as much client production time as using keyboard shortcuts does is incalculable, but a huge benefit.  Learning the keyboard shortcuts for the most commonly used tools can save you a LOT of time and improve your work flow tremendously. You won’t miss all the extra mouse work the normal Adobe graphical user interfaces takes either.  Two and three key keyboard shortcuts can save you a lot of time on large retouching jobs.

Don’t feel you need to learn every shortcut by heart.  You don’t.  Some Photoshop keyboard shortcuts are so esoteric as Photographers your likely never to use them.  Others you will use every session, so you’ll quickly learn those.  Besides, those keyboard shortcuts you don’t use so often you can always lookup quickly on Jamie’s most excellent cheat sheets!   Thank you Jamie for doing these and sharing them with all of us online.

If you’re interested in grabbing a copy of Jamie’s high-res suitable for printing PDF for your very own, you can get your copy here: PHOTOSHOP | LIGHTROOM


Jamie has several other key cheat sheets he has done, as well as some excellent advice for programming your own website.  You should check his information out here for yourself:

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