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Setting Up The Panasonic GH4 For Videographers

Setting Up The Panasonic GH4 For Videographers

How many times have you bought a new camera, only to feel like a total idiot within ten minutes of opening the box?  Happens to me almost every time. I get what a camera is supposed to do: take pictures. I understand the feature set I bought my camera for, or at least I should if I bought it.  My problem is bridging the gap between “high hopes and beautiful dreams” to the reality of “competent operator” as quickly as possible.  Hopefully, if I do that successfully I get to keep at least the “beautiful dreams” part.

The reality is modern cameras are complicated electron munching devices built by engineers who specialize in cryptic words and phrases carefully hidden deep within the bowels of an unfathomable menu system. Without investing a minimum of two weeks in comprehension training (or retraining if I changed camera brands!) I always feel a bit lost. Going from a Canon to a Nikon, even the lens mount twist-to-lock is reversed! Thanks to the patent system, copyright registrations, trade secrets, and other intellectual property rights issues all these manufacturers seem to delight in beating each other up. There is little standardization save for accepted norms from independent third parties such as SD & CF card specifications and micro-USB connectors. Everything else, including the camera’s calibration, is different from brand to brand, and to a greater or lesser degree, between individual brands within a camera family.

The Panasonic Lumix GH4 doesn’t look to be very different on the outer surface from my present GH3. Under the hood, it is quite a different story. The GH4 is a complete redesign internally, featuring a new sensor capable of producing exceptional Ultra HD and full 4k video imagery and the usual run of still photography options. For the best performance though, the GH4 must be initially “set up” to function at its optimal level.

The included CD that comes with the Panasonic Lumix GH4 is a PDF instruction manual of 415 pages. Who in their right mind wants to read 415 pages before turning on the new camera and shooting some test clips to see what your new 4k fire breathing dragon can really do? Not me! Fortunately, Griffin Hammond comes to the rescue with a short instructional video that supplies all the little tips and tricks for setting up the Panasonic GH4 with the video setting stuff we will all need to get up and going quickly.  Thanks from the community for doing this Griffin!

-Setting Up The Panasonic GH4
-All the important settings in the Motion Picture, Custom and Setup menus
-How to change the system frequency and activate Cinema 4K (C4K) mode (4069×2160)
-How to change the exposure mode and focus settings
-How to optimize dynamic range
-How to use Cinelike D and Cinelike V photo profiles
-How to turn on rule-of-thirds guidelines and zebra stripes
-How to adjust mic levels using the menus or the touch screen
-How to turn off the annoying eye sensor (which interferes with the LCD)
-How to turn on the level (hit DISP twice on the main screen)

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