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Sony A7R Image Samples

Sony A7R Image Samples

The rumors are true. Sony has started shipping the A7 & A7R in Europe and here are the first Sony A7R image samples from a production camera.  No doubt, these will become only the first few of the upcoming 1,000,000 or so Sony A7R Image Samples that are going to be shot with this camera and posted up online in the next couple of weeks.  These Sony A7R image samples are all the work of German based photographer Phillip Reeve, who wins the “First Photographer To Impress The Editor With Sony A7R Image Samples” award.  Phillip, you may claim your prize of authoring an original photo story for our readers here at TheCameraForum.Com by contacting me HERE.

I can see from Phillip’s Sony A7R image samples the A7R does share that “right in your face” resolution detail also found in the Nikon D800.  Like myself, Phillip Reeve shoots with a wide variety of older lenses originally designed for B&W film as the primary image recording medium.  I find older B&W film lenses have a particularly excellent drawing signature and sharp micro contrast performance on digital cameras of the 20+ megapixel range like my Canon 5D Mark III.  From Phillip’s Sony A7R image samples it appears the older Minolta & Canon FD lenses are also going to be dynamite for the A7R.  Good news for all of us who still own Minolta and old Canon glass.

The wonderful thing about this latest crop of mirrorless camera bodies has been the short flange focal distance as well as the absolute ease of finding an adapter from most any lens mount to most any camera type.  Provided you have the space (most mirrorless like the A7 & A7R do), you can mount and use normally most all of the older manual focus lenses made.  Phillip Reeve is using an adapter to mount his Canon FD mount and Sony/Minolta “A” mount lens collection on his E-Mount A7R.  With Sony’s own adapter, you can even control aperture, autofocus, and all other features of any Sony “A” mount lens on the A7/A7R thereby extending and protecting your investment in glass.

Many thanks to Phillip Reeve for posting these Sony A7R image samples to Flickr and for sharing them with all of us.

Minolta_MC_50mm_f14_SonyA7_4 by Phillip Reeve, on Flickr

Minolta_MC_50mm_f14_SonyA7_3 by Phillip Reeve, on Flickr

Minolta_MC_50mm_f14_SonyA7_2 by Phillip Reeve, on Flickr

Minolta_MC_50mm_f14_SonyA7 by Phillip Reeve, on Flickr

Minolta_MC_50mm_f14 by Phillip Reeve, on Flickr

Sigma_24mm_f28_SonyA7 by Phillip Reeve, on Flickr

Canon_FD_80200mm_f4_L_SonyA7 by Phillip Reeve, on Flickr
Minolta_MC_50mm_f14_7 by Phillip Reeve, on Flickr

Minolta_MC_50mm_f14_6 by Phillip Reeve, on Flickr

Canon_FD_80200mm_f4_L_SonyA7_4 by Phillip Reeve, on Flickr

Minolta_MC_50mm_f14_SonyA7_5 by Phillip Reeve, on Flickr

Canon_FD_80200mm_f4_L_SonyA7_2 by Phillip Reeve, on Flickr

Canon_FD_80200mm_f4_L_SonyA7_3 by Phillip Reeve, on Flickr



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