One of the strangest, most desolate places I’ve ever been is in the weathered volcano crater called La Morada del Diablo (the place where the devil dwells) in the Pali Aike national park in Chilean Patagonia. People lived here once. They must have had a very hard life.   A few weeks ago, our group […]

For years, I have heard warnings about the poor quality of photos taken by small point-and-shoot cameras that have digital zooms. Critics would say that they never use that feature because it would mean giving up the quality that only an optical lens could provide. That made sense to me, so I seldom used the […]

By Jim Quinn Light modifiers are where you find them. Today I found one in my local Walgreens drug store.     My wife, who loves the idea of packing away small umbrellas “just in case,” spotted a display of Totes Skinni Mini umbrellas in a variety of colors. Only nine inches long when folded, […]

USING PHOTOSHOP TO DESIGN A PHOTO LAYOUT Jim Quinn used Photoshop to create the complicated layout of his documentary photo exhibit, “Good Friday in Colonia San Luis Rey,” which was shown in the winter of 2012 in the Instituto Allende’s Galeria Pergola in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.    If you have a series of photos or […]

By Jim Quinn With some photo subjects, extending the frame to the left or right, or even up or down, can work far better than the usual 3×2 format that photographers have been dealing with since the earliest Leicas. And with the Sweep Panorama feature in Sony cameras, and similar features offered by some competitors, […]