October 16, 2012

Discover Mirrorless


From the folks who present ShootSmarter.com, the new website DiscoverMirrorless.com is the product of what happens when photo innovator Will Crockett collaborates with other photographers and photo educators to realize that the photography industry is changing. Technology is going to change the way that we create, view and share portraits and images with our family and friends. We have smartTVs, smartphones, Notebooks, Tablets, iPads, iPhones and…well you already know this. But, what you may not know is that we have to change the way we shoot, print, and sell photography products that will soon be digital products. DiscoverMirrorless.com is here to show you how.
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The SMARTER Photographer is a new online video series that keep you up to speed on the easier, faster, simpler and smarter ways to create hybrid images using any camera. We’re learning about LED lights, shooting video with our photo cameras, file processing for hybrid eProducts, and even exploring the magical powers of the new breed of mirrorless cameras in this one hour long video.
Each volume of The Smarter Photographer provides in depth content such as these timely topics:
• Along the Hybrid Highway – using photo+video together
• 7 minutes in the Hybrid Hotseat – conversations with the pros
• File Refinement – Lightroom 4 ready for prime time
• The Gallery Galaxy – sharing with online galleries
• Discovering Mirrorless – The latest in cameras
Catch a new volume every 10 weeks, guaranteed good, and a nice low price too.