I’ve been watching with keen interest the latest round of reviews on what is the best entry level camera for video.  I’ve recently discovered the infinite joy in the editing suite of having multiple camera perspectives of the same subject, but also discovered how difficult the grading task becomes trying to intercut footage.  Using the same make and model camera, and identical settings, prevents this problem as all of the footage will be consistent for grading purposes.  For me, the question then becomes which are the best low cost options for hybrid storytellers such as myself?  The Sony RX10 keeps coming up on the radar screen as a powerful, all in one video system that still allows for great quality stills.  In other words, a serious contender for the title “Best Entry Level Camera For Video Hybrid Storytelling.”

The Fabulous Sony RX10

The Fabulous Sony RX10

But hold on, there are advantages to having multiple cameras of different sensor size for different purposes.  What is important is the overall quality of the recording, the ease of setup and use, and the cost.  Uwe Steinmueller is a big fan of his RX10.  Both the stills and excellent video Uwe has posted from his RX10 are impressive indeed.  At $1,298.00 the Sony RX10 is a clear multi-cam contender, and about as good as I have seen for a single camera beginning filmmaker solution.


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