Here at LensRentals, we have a unique perspective to the market trends. With over 100,000 pieces of gear that are rented out regularly, we’re able to effectively monitor what products are the most interesting for photographers and videographers. Here is where we’ll show you all our own market trends, and give you a list […]

The Samsung Portable SSD T1 has all of the usual nice things about flash storage.  It has no moving parts, it is blinding fast compared to rotating platter hard disk drives (portable or otherwise), it is extremely reliable, it is practically indestructible, and did I mention it is as fast as a proverbial shot of weasel piss? […]

I’ve been watching with keen interest the latest round of reviews on what is the best entry level camera for video.  I’ve recently discovered the infinite joy in the editing suite of having multiple camera perspectives of the same subject, but also discovered how difficult the grading task becomes trying to intercut footage.  Using the […]

When we visit places and towns we (Bettina and I) want to have a very compact yet comprehensive gear set with us. Finding the right bag is always a challenge. Here are some criteria for us: We need to carry two sets of mirrorless cameras (video and stills) with a focal range from about 24-28mm […]

There have been a few times in history when Leica introduced products I was very interested in.  To be honest, the introduction of the Leica T intrigued me, but just from reading about it didn’t really ring my chimes.  It looked nice, had nice specs, but wasn’t something I would have ordinarily considered for my […]

Like it or not, every serious video production requires “sticks” and a slider.  Normally, these two components are separate, transported separately, and for the slider, should you wish to raise it, you need to carry a separate tripod.   Add all these separates together, two tripods, two heads, etc. and you end up toting a […]

Fujifilm has announced another lens for their X series mirrorless digital cameras. The Fujinon XF 56mm f/1.2 R lens is the twelfth lens made for the X-mount cameras and is an impressive portrait-length lens with a very fast maximum aperture, ideal for shallow depth-of-field control and excellent in low-light situations. Its 35mm equivalent focal length is 85mm […]

Chuck A7R Report from TheCameraForum on Vimeo. The Sony A7R Day Three Report I am primarily a portrait, music, and event photographer.  Since I have never considered myself much of a landscape photographer,  I asked Pham Minh Son to join me in testing the A7R for a detailed sunset landscape.  Son has lived in this area […]

Day Two: I begin testing lenses and learning the camera setting options for the new Sony A7R.  The A7R with its high megapixel count should be capable of producing professional level advertising imagery.  Does it?  Short answer: With the right lens choices, yes it does.  The video and all of the still photographs on this […]

  In the above, an obvious sales piece for the new Zeiss OTUS 1.4/55 published on Oct 7, 2013, Zeiss makes some strong claims about this new lens. Statements like “Experience a new dimension. The Otus 1.4/55 is the pinnacle of over 120 years of expertise and experience in optical and mechanical excellence. Only the best materials […]

The All New Nikon Df The fusion of responsive, intuitive dial operation and “flagship D4 image quality” in the smallest and lightest FX-format body, the Nikon Df PRE-ORDER Your Nikon Df DSLR Camera Kit with AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G Special Edition Lens HERE! From the Nikon Df Press Release TOKYO – Nikon Corporation is pleased to […]

(Video Recorded Entirely With Sony HDR-MV1 Music Video Recorder) Widgets       Sony tries to put old guys like me out of work with the all new Sony HDR-MV1 Music Video Recorder. It’s hard enough getting older and having to fight off the bold young newcomers to the photography profession, without also having to fight […]

  Fujifilm Announces The All New FUJIFILM X-E2   It is no secret that most of the team here at TheCameraForum.Com are big fans of the Fuji X-Trans sensor based cameras.  In fact, all of us own at least one.  Mine is the X-E1, a camera that I both love and hate.  Love for its […]

Far more than most still photographers realize, the quality of the audio track in moving pictures is one of the most important storytelling techniques.  Second only to moving the camera itself, the soundtrack can add just the right elements of “sonic movement” in all the right places, changing scenes, tones, and adjusting light to dark […]

Rumors have been flying around the internet “buzz” sites for several months about Sony being in development on the A7R, a full frame interchangeable lens NEX size camera body.  The rumors, as is often the case, were wrong.  Sony was in development on two bodies, not just one.  While many anticipated a full frame sensor […]

My two year contract with AT&T expires next month, so I have been looking around at options.  My present phone is an Apple iPhone 4s, and while it is a decent phone, the latest improvements to the new iPhone 5s camera make my mouth water, albeit at quite a high cost.  For better or worse, […]